Adam is the Code Club Co-ordinator for Wales. When he's not working he loves making music and mountain biking. He also dabbles in documentary film making.
Adam Williams
Code Club Regional Coordinator (Wales)
Alex spends her days updating our social media accounts with awesome Pi-ness. When she’s not googling Raspberry Pi, she's YouTubing how to build foam props while attempting to write her first novel.
Alex Bate
Social Media Editor
Alex specialises in most things Adobe Suite. He loves minimalist design, bright colours, and Five Guys burgers and fries.
Alex Carter
Junior Graphic Designer
Andrew leads Picademy in the USA. He loves connecting with educators, engaging youth in technology, and hiking around the San Francisco Bay Area.
Andrew Collins
Educator Training Manager
Anna is the Regional Coordinator for the North East and Yorkshire. Mother to two beautiful children - Anna loves interior design and chocolate is never without a slick of colourful lipstick.
Anna Pearson
Code Club Regional Coordinator (North East)
Ben set up the first Raspberry Jam and now he works as our Community Manager. He does whitewater kayaking and loves Linux, Python, and all things open-source.
Ben Nuttall
Raspberry Pi Community Manager
Brian is Raspberry Pi’s resident filmmaker, an Emmy-award nominated artist, and is the 20th member of the Polyphonic Spree. One of those things is true.
Brian O'Halloran
Caroline is responsible for looking after the South West Region of Code Clubs. She loves animals, walking and digital making, and aims to achieve at least two random "acts of kindness" every month.
Caroline Vaan-Canning
Code Club Regional Coordinator (South West)
Carrie Anne leads our work on training and resources for education. She is an ex-teacher, an advocate for diversity in tech, and a YouTuber. She drinks a lot of tea.
Carrie Anne Philbin
Director of Education
Clare wants to bring digital making to as many people as possible - which is lucky, as that's her job! In spare moments, she can be found sewing her own clothes.
Clare Sutcliffe
Executive Director
Courtney loves hearing what community members are building with Raspberry Pi. Focused on outreach in the United States, when she's not attending community events you'll find her camping with her dog.
Courtney Lentz
Outreach Manager
Residing in Cornwall, Damien can be always be found in the kitchen, be it making charcuterie or beer. He is also partial to some scrumpy.
Damien Hogan
Senior Web Developer
Dan is Code Club's Regional Coordinator for London and the East of England. He loves running, cycling and making nice food, especially ice cream.
Dan Elwick
Code Club Regional Coordinator (London)
Dan is Education's official cat herder. He loves heavy metal, good food and terrible films.
Dan Fisher
Project Coordinator
Dan looks out for Code Club in South East England. He's also a sound artist, allotment holder, and father of two.
Dan Powell
Code Club Regional Manager (South)
Dan responds to cries for help across the office. When not sitting behind a computer, you'll find him on the water or in the mountains, probably doing something dangerous.
Daniel Grammatica
IT Support
Dave supports the wonderful Code Club UK community. A Pi obsessive, he's an electronic music maker, regularly found near the front at gigs, on nightclub dance floors, and in fields at music festivals.
Dave Hazeldean
Community Support Assistant
Dave runs the Foundation's space programme Astro Pi. He's on first name terms with astronauts, and enjoys archaeology, HAM radio, and being a space geek.
Dave Honess
Programme Manager
Raised by wolves in the forests of the North, David emerged into society aged 16 and turned out to be quite good at HTML. 15 or so years later and he is helping with all things web at Raspberry PI.
David Thompson
Director of Web Services
Dereck is our interim IT Support guy. When away from his desktop, he enjoys working out in the gym, spending time with family and is a serious bakery enthusiast
Dereck Aning
IT Support (Interim)
Eben is the creator of Raspberry Pi and a co-founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. He has extraordinary travel booking skills.
Eben Upton
Chief Executive Raspberry Pi Trading
An ex-primary school teacher who loves writing elegant code, Edward also enjoys making things with his children; chocolate brownies and a robot have been recent successes.
Edward Andrews-Hodgson
Senior Software Engineer
Emily supports the Chief Executive of the Foundation and the wider team. She is chief diary wrangler and team organiser, as well as a wedding photographer and foodie.
Emily Johnson
Executive Assistant
Emma manages communications for Code Club, sharing stories from our amazing volunteer community. She has a Masters in 'New Media and Digital Culture' and is a big documentary film fan.
Emma Norton
Code Club Communications Coordinator
Emma manages the Cambridge office, and is on hand for insect identification and baking advice.
Emma Ormond
Office Manager
Gordon joined Raspberry Pi in 2013 before we had an office, and now directs our software development. He's also a hacker, dad, cyclist, and mountain biker.
Gordon Hollingworth
Director of Software Engineering (Trading)
Alongside being a developer on the Foundation engineering team, Greg is also a photographer and expedition guide, having led trips to the Arctic, instructed divers in Egypt and guided cyclists in the Alps.
Greg Annandale
Senior Developer
Greg moves text and rectangles around a screen, so that digital things are hopefully more pleasant to use. Away from computers, he mostly likes records and bicycles.
Greg Wood
UX Designer
Helen finds creative ways to engage more people in the mission of the Foundation. Helen is also a make-up artist and keeps reptiles.
Helen Drury
Events and Outreach Manager
Helen develops the Foundation's communications strategy. She's keen on steam locomotives, plants that look after themselves, and her dissecting microscope.
Helen Lynn
Communications Manager
Indra is leading our mission to put a Code Club in every community in the world, working with international partners. She's also a yoga teacher and runs a yoga community website.
Indra Kubicek
Code Club International Director
James supports NGOs around the world to create and develop Code Club communities, like the ones in the UK. He can be mostly found eating or talking nonsense in a pub, or kicking balls around.
James Aslett
Code Club International Programme Manager
James joined Raspberry Pi in 2013 before we had an office. He has designed many Pis (from B+ through to Pi3), and now oversees hardware design and operations in our Trading company.
James Adams
COO Raspberry Pi Trading
James is a Product Manager in our web team. He has mostly worked at start-up companies and loves skiing, helping out at his church and Japanese food
James Hay
Senior Product Manager
James is an ex-teacher, and now manages our Picademy teacher training programme. He still plays with Lego and drinks a lot of tea.
James Robinson
Training Programme Manager
Jonic is from The North, and makes websites. He also sings, and plays guitar (fairly well) and piano (fairly badly). He takes karaoke far too seriously.
Jonic Linley
Senior Developer
Kat supports the running and development of Code Clubs across the world, answering their questions and sharing their stories online. She is learning Japanese, and enjoys playing softball and talking about space.
Kat Leadbetter
Code Club International Programme Coordinator
Kate works with organisations who want to promote and support the Foundation's work. She's a Francophile and daughter of Mr Mammoth Pumpkin 1976.
Kate Wilsea
Partnerships Manager
Katharine thinks that learning to code is an essential and awesome thing to do, so she promotes and supports setting up Code Clubs for children. She likes Guinness, chocolate, and playing the piano.
Katharine Childs
Code Club Regional Manager (North)
Laura is responsible for copy editing the Foundation's educational resources, and she subedits The MagPi magazine. She also writes fiction, mostly involving supernatural creatures.
Laura Clay
Copy editor and Proofreader
Lauren's an ex-teacher. She works in the Education team supporting teachers to develop their digital making skills. She's a massive bookworm, and loves hanging out with friends and family and exploring London.
Lauren Hyams
Code Club Teacher Training Manager
Laura creates and maintains Raspberry Pi educational resources. Aside from computers, she loves cats, cakes, board games and making jam.
Laura Sach
Content and Curriculum Manager
Lily supports the Finance team. She is a recent graduate who is now currently studying towards the CIMA qualification. In her spare time she likes to eat pizza and chase after her dogs
Lily Jones
Accounts Assistant
Liz supports Code Club activity in the North West. She's also a Man City nut and currently winning a marital battle to make sure her kids are brought up blue too.
Liz Smart
Code Club Regional Coordinator (North West)
Liz is Director of Comms, and one of Raspberry Pi's co-founders. In her spare time she plays the piano, collects and restores vintage fountain pens, and cooks things. She's usually quite inky.
Liz Upton
Director of Communications
Lorna is responsible for copyediting and ensuring that everybody is using cromulent words. She drinks a lot of coffee, and owns far too much yarn and stationery. Her son's first word was Raspberry.
Lorna Lynch
Copy editor
Lorna is on a mission to grow coding and digital making in Scotland. The rest of the time she's a STEM Ambassador, a Honorary Researcher and, most importantly, a dedicated cake eater!
Lorna Gibson
Code Club Regional Coordinator (Scotland)
Louisa's job at the Foundation is to make everyone’s life easier (and therefore even happier). She loves walking her dog in beautiful Cambridgeshire, making Sri Lankan curry, and tinkering with her Raspberry Pi.
Louisa Wood
Director of Operations
Marc is an ex-teacher who's responsible for creating and managing the Raspberry Pi educational resources. He's passionate about Open Education, Emacs, and martial arts.
Marc Scott
Content and Curriculum Manager
Maria leads the Code Club UK team to inspire more and more children to do things with technology. She's a school governor, bread maker, and aspirational knitter.
Maria Quevedo
Code Club UK Director
Martin looks after the company’s financial reporting. His outside interests are sport, rock music, and beach holidays.
Martin Cartwright
Chief Finance Officer
Matt is responsible for our work within North America. He's a maker of things and thinks of computers as a material. He's a co-author of Getting Started with Raspberry Pi
Matt Richardson
Product Evangelist
Mike currently designs tiny computers for a living. Previously, he worked on tiny chips for tiny computers, and before that, lasers. He likes the colour green, and doesn't own a dog.
Mike Stimson
Principal Hardware Engineer
Nicola is part of the administrative team. She loves shopping, especially for shoes and clothes.
Nicola Early
Administration Assistant
Olivia has a background in events, engineering and working with children and young people. She's excited to be using her skills to help with Raspberry Pi events. She also likes swimming particularly open water swimming, being outside and knitting.
Olivia Robinson
Events Assistant
Oliver helps people to understand the impact our work is having and to use research to make decisions. He's into writing, blogging, and producing electronic music.
Oliver Quinlan
Senior Research Manager
Oly has excited more people than the equivalent of the population of Canada about science in her career so far. She’s a bit obsessed with maps, fonts and tea.
Olympia Brown
Senior Programme Manager
Phil (aka Mr. Device Tree) was part of the team that gave birth to BCM2835, and now maintains the Pi Linux kernel and firmware. At home, he cooks while listening to 6Music.
Phil Elwell
Principal Software Engineer
Philip is responsible for developing our strategy, hiring awesome people, and helping them do great work. He’s also a craft cider maker, school governor, and dad to two young digital makers.
Philip Colligan
Chief Executive Raspberry Pi Foundation
Rebecca is the resident Photoshop house elf. When no one is looking she enjoys martial arts, tea, audiobooks, and being an unapologetic Star Wars nerd
Rebecca Welch
Junior Developer
Richard runs our Citizen Science programme including the Weather Station. He’s an engineer who’s easily distracted by comics, music, rugby and Lego. His quest to combine them into a single activity is ongoing
Richard Hayler:
Programme Manager
Rik is responsible for developing Code Club curriculum and training materials. Formerly a secondary school teacher, Rik enjoys learning new skills and is currently learning to brew beer.
Rik Cross
Senior Content and Curriculum Manager
Rob works tirelessly to fill The MagPi community magazine with fantastic articles from people around the world. He also writes a comic, creates award-winning videos, and makes costumes for Comic Cons.
Rob Zwetsloot
The MagPi Features Editor
Roger designs, characterises, and tests new hardware for Raspberry Pi. In his spare time, he enjoys triathlons, diving, and walking with his dog Waffles.
Roger Thornton
Principal Hardware Engineer
Russell runs the official Raspberry Pi magazine and helps produce other printed material. He's a tennis player and massive sci-fi bore.
Russell Barnes
Managing Editor of The MagPi
Sam leads our design team and oversees all things visual, from illustration and design to photography and video. He loves to draw, animate and cook roast dinners.
Sam Alder
Head of Design
Samantha is a research intern in the Foundation. She has a background in Psychology and is especially interested in how psychological research can be applied to education. She is also obsessed with Beyonce and all things Harry Potter related.
Samantha Baloro
Research Assistant