Raspberry Pi Certified Educators

What is a Raspberry Pi Certified Educator?

A Raspberry Pi Certified Educator is an educator who has successfully completed Picademy, our two-day face-to-face training programme. However, the title stands for more than just having completed a course: RCEs form a community of digital making champions around the world. RCEs come from a wide range of backgrounds, but they all share a common passion for physical computing. We believe that building and controlling something physical with a computer is a powerful learning tool for educators and students alike. If you’d like to find a Raspberry Pi Certified Educator near you, please search our RCE Directory Map.

How do I become a Raspberry Pi Certified Educator?

You can only become an RCE by attending a Picademy event. Current available dates can be found on our events pageYou can also get there by clicking on the event calendar tile on the right-hand side of this page.

Becoming an RCE gives you the skills and confidence to bring about real change in the way computing is taught in your school, local area, and beyond! Every year, thousands of people apply for our training and only one in four is accepted.

What qualities/skills are we looking for?

Through our application process, we’re looking to find educators who:

  • Are interested in physical computing and computer science
  • Are passionate about having an impact upon learners
  • Are willing to take risks and work outside their comfort zone
  • Can show resilience to failure and persistence in learning
  • Are good at sharing their knowledge, experience, and ideas with other educators, be it via clubs/lessons, via blogs/social media/websites, or in other ways