RCE Directory

Raspberry Pi Certified Educator Directory

Welcome to our new educator directory! This map allows you to find and connect with fellow certified educators in your community.

Please note that this map is only for graduates of Picademy. Do not complete the form if you are not a certified educator.

Ready to get started? Please read the following tips:

  • If you’d like to connect with an RCE near you, please use Twitter or contact us and we can facilitate a connection over email.
  • This map is private and only for the RCE community. No one’s contact information will be shared publicly in any manner.
  • If you are a certified educator who has graduated from Picademy, please opt-in to the directory using this participation form. If you are listed as ‘anonymous’ on the map or if you would like to update your information at anytime, please complete the form.

For any questions or comments, please contact our team at [email protected]