Picademy offers teachers two full days of hands-on Continued Professional Development (CPD) workshops, and attendees become Raspberry Pi Certified Educators. It’s free, and our friends at Google are supporting us to offer it at their Digital Garage venues around the UK. Watch the experiences of attendees at Picademy@Google in Leeds, then find out more and apply at rpf.io/train.

Picademy is the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s free face-to-face training programme that aims to support educators throughout their digital making and computing journey. This programme begins with a two-day CPD event held at venues around the UK and USA, and continues as educators are welcomed into a community of passionate STEAM practitioners.

Visit our event calendar to find an event near you and apply.

Who is Picademy for?

While most Certified Educators are classroom teachers, we have supported and trained a range of different educators to bring digital making and computing science to their learners, including:

  • FE and HE lecturers
  • Teacher trainers
  • Librarians and museum staff
  • Youth workers and Code Club volunteers
  • Trainee and newly qualified teachers

Why Picademy?

Learning about physical computing – the act of using a computer to control something in the real world – can be a daunting task. You have to decide on what to build, what hardware components you’ll need, and what programming language you’ll use to control them. However, it might surprise you to find out that the barrier to success is not the technical knowledge that an educator possesses. Rather, it’s the level of confidence they have when tackling this kind of challenge.

Picademy therefore aims to:

  • Give educators the skills and confidence to embrace computing, particularly physical computing
  • Encourage peer-to-peer sharing of the opportunities and challenges presented by the computing curriculums in the UK/USA
  • Connect passionate educators in a meaningful and ongoing programme framework
  • Encourage educators to experience learning from a learner’s perspective
  • Encourage educators to see technology as “objects to think with”, as opposed to “tech for tech’s sake”

It’s a two-day course that allows educators to experience what can be achieved with a little bit of help from us and lots of imagination from them. We are regularly blown away by the projects our educators create.

Picademy Day 2 team project

An awesome Picademy project in progress.

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What’s involved?

On Day 1, you take part in a series of workshops that introduce a range of digital making skills. You’ll learn to control electronic components like LEDs, buttons, and motors, to create music from code, and you’ll develop your understanding of computing concepts along the way. At the end of the day, you’ll have built up a surprisingly useful wealth of knowledge to put to use on Day 2.

Day 2: you now have the opportunity to apply your learning by developing your own project ideas. Previous projects have included killer robots, Christmas jumpers with twinkling LEDs, games in Minecraft, and Pi-powered vehicles. You’ll experience the challenge of building a project through the eyes of a student: break down your idea into steps (decomposition); build, test, and debug your work; and finally present your project to your peers. This process helps to reinforce the ideas of building resilience by learning through failure, and exploring ideas through play. You complete the course to become a Raspberry Pi Certified Educator and join our community of over 1,000 knowledgeable and passionate professionals.

The first Picademy USA Cohort! © Douglas Fairbairn Photography / Courtesy of the Computer History Museum

The first Picademy USA Cohort! © Douglas Fairbairn Photography / Computer History Museum

What do I get?

  • Certification as an official Raspberry Pi Certified Educator
  • Access to an exclusive community of Certified Educators who will help you to continue your own development
  • Access to post-Picademy support from our team and the community of Certified Educators
  • A Swag Bag of equipment to help you get started
  • Opportunities to network with inventive, creative and passionate people from around the world
  • A digital Certified Educator badge for social media and a physical badge for events and conferences

How do I apply?

Visit our event calendar to find an event near you and apply!