Hello World podcast: Season 6 episode 1

Do kids still need to learn how to code?


Given the recent developments in AI and AI code generator tools, is coding still a useful skill for our learners to develop? Together with their guests, Veronica and James explore whether these tools make it less important for young people to learn to code, or whether they simply change what coding looks like.

What knowledge and skills will learners need in a world where computers can generate code to our specifications? Listen in to hear a range of ideas and how they might affect your teaching.

Joining us today are two experts to help offer their perspectives and insights:

  • Pete Dring, Head of Computing at Fulford School in York. He develops innovative teaching resources for computer science and has been experimenting with AI with his learners.

  • Chris Coetzee, who has taught computer science for 24 years and is currently completing a PhD in Computer Science Education at Abertay Dundee.

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