festival of code
Carrie Anne: A few weeks ago, Raspberry Pi hosted its first ever Young Rewired State centre and took part in the Festival of Code. We had a lot of fun. Our participants talked about their experience in this blog post. Whilst we were at the finals in Plymouth, our teams were competing against a group … Continue reading →
So, you may have seen on our twitter or elsewhere that we were a host centre for Young Rewired State’s¬†Festival of Code 2014. We had 6 young people join us at Pi Towers for a week: Ben, Rihanna, Amy, John, Finn and Dan. The aim of Festival of Code is to inspire and support young … Continue reading →
Young Rewired State is a network of coders around the world. Every year an event is held in the UK to give young people the opportunity to collaborate while¬†working on a project to make something interesting with open data, and to learn skills while exposed to new technologies. The Festival of Code is a week … Continue reading →