The all-new Hello World podcast for educators interested in computing and digital making

There is growing momentum behind the idea of putting computing, computer science, and digital making at the heart of modern education. At the Raspberry Pi Foundation, we want to connect with and support computing educators, both inside and outside of the classroom. Hello World magazine, which we started in 2017, is a platform to help educators all over the world to find inspiration, share experiences, and learn from one another. Hello World is free and has proven to be very popular, with subscribers hailing from 172 countries across the globe!

Hello World, coming directly to your ears now

The Hello World community has told us that they’re hungry for more content while they wait for each new magazine issue. So to complement the magazine, we’ve launched a brand-new Hello World podcast to meet this need! That means you can now hear directly from the educators who are writing Hello World articles, dive a little deeper, and have some fun along the way.

Guests Cat Lamin and Neil Rickus speaking to Hello World podcast hosts Carrie Anne Philbin and James Robinson about well-being and technology

In season 1 of the Hello World podcast, you will:

  • Explore the importance of creativity and passion in computing with PBS Digital Innovator and CUE Rock Star Amanda Haughs
  • Dive into the role of ethics in computing with Isaac Computer Science content creator Diane Dowling
  • Discover how to look after our well-being while teaching with technology, with practical tips from computing educator Cat Lamin and senior lecturer in computing education at the University of Hertfordshire Neil Rickus
  • Get answers to the question “Are these the droids you’re looking for to teach algorithms?” with computing teacher Huzaifah Zainon and advanced skills computing teacher Nicki Cooper

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Let us know if you have a question or a topic you would like us to explore on the Hello World podcast. You can get even more involved by featuring as a guest on a future episode, sharing your top tips and best teaching practices with computing educators around the world. Get in touch with us at with your suggestions! 

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I’m simple. I see Carrie Ann I go. Thx for the Crash Course that changed my life <3

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