A new trustee

We’d like to warmly welcome Louis Glass to the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s board of trustees.

For some time, our good friends at tech law firm Olswang have contributed to lots of legal aspects of our work.  Like us, a number of their people grew up fiddling with BBC Micros and they’re very keen to help us deliver a similar experience for today’s kids (including their own!).  As the Foundation’s activities are developing fast, we’re delighted that Louis Glass, one of Olswang’s partners, has agreed to join the Foundation as a trustee.  We look forward to continuing our work with Louis and the Olswang team.

Louis Glass

Apparently, Thomson Reuters lists Louis as one of its Super Lawyers for 2013. We do not know if this honour includes a mask, tights and a cape, but if it does, we will be insisting that he wears them to board meetings.