Put your concentration to the test!

While you’re looking after yourself, check out this week’s live stream code-along session, available to watch now!

If you ever wondered what digital making could help you discover about plant life, this week’s live-stream will be a treat! Our special guest was Carlos, a plant scientist from Cambridge University Botanical Garden, who talked about computing and its involvement in research. Then Mr. C and Christina got hyper-focused with special coder Jordan from Atlanta, GA, to create a concentration game that’ll keep your senses sharp! Make sure you follow our “Focus on the Prize” project guide while you’re coding along to create your own game!

Don’t forget that you can join Christina tomorrow for an additional code-along at 3.30pm PDT / 5.30pm CDT / 6.30pm EDT to relieve some stress! Stay tuned for more live coding with our global community next week!

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Hey guys, I am in India and I cannot attend these live classes since it will be in the afternoon.Could you please change the timings a little bit?

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