Let’s make some music!

Do you hear that, digital makers? That catchy tune, getting louder and louder? With all sorts of instruments like drums, guitars, and piano? That’s right, it’s the sound of us exploring this week’s theme together for Digital Making at Home: we’re making music!

Let’s make some music this week!

Music is truly magical – it can get your feet tapping and your fingers snapping before you know it. And just like coding, you can do so many different things with music: use it to solve problems (like cheering friends up), to tell stories, and even to share your culture with others. Imagine how different the world would be without music!

So this week, take your coding skills and combine them with the magic of music to create your own tunes and beats that you, your family, and friends can boogie down to! And we’d love a dance as well, so share your music with us too!

Our team is getting the party started with three projects that’ll help you code your own masterpiece:

Beginner level

Rock out with Mr C and his sidekick Xavier and learn how to make your own drum kits and more in Scratch!

Go to the free project guide (available in 22 languages).

Intermediate level

Let Christina show you how to use Sonic Pi to compose your own short tune that you can use as an alert or even a new ringtone on your phone!

Christina has put together this handy guide explaining how notes work in Sonic Pi compared to how you might know them.

Go to the free project guide (available in 16 languages).

Advanced level

Take a deeper dive into Sonic Pi with Marc: he’ll teach you how to code a live performance, with the classic song Smoke on the Water as his example!

Go to the free project guide (available in 4 languages).

Share your tunes with us!

Last week, we started showcasing the amazing projects you in the worldwide digital making community have sent us. Share what you create this week with us, and we might just add it to our next showcase blog for the whole world to see!

We want you to have the most fun coding along with us, so please tell us any thoughts you have about Digital Making at Home! Tell us what you like or don’t like, or what you want to see more or less of, anything — we’re listening.

We’ve got our dancing shoes on, and we’re ready to jam to your tunes!


PS Digital Making at Home and all our resources are free FOREVER, and that’s all thanks to our friends who donate to support our work. Learn how you might be able support our work too.

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Rock Band is a great activity to do at home, with head phones, of course. I didn’t actually look forward to it at school as we had no headphones so I invariably went home with a headache – but the pupils loved it!Bishopthorpe Code Club, York

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Janina Ander

It’s always a favourite! Glad your pupils enjoyed it too :)

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Thanks you for making this “Digital Making at Home” video series.
I am glad to explore this fun filled music and Scratch experience.
I am looking forward to teach the same to my kid as long as it happens within his headphones on and not on the speaker (as Anne Carlill shared her experience). :)

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