Let’s make it move

Sometimes you just need to shake things up a little, so this week, it’s all about action here at Digital Making at Home. We invite all you digital makers to make stuff shift, spin, flip, wiggle, and dance!

Don’t forget to tune in at rpf.io/home on Wednesday for our next LIVE code-along session with Mr C and a new special guest! We’ll start streaming at 2.00pm BST / 9.00am EDT / 7.30pm IST.

Let’s make it move this week!

When you’re doing digital making, you might be sitting still, but your mind is running free! With code you can make anything happen — so what will you make this week? A spaceship that travels to distant planets, faster than light? An animation to teach your family a dance routine? An exciting game to test your friends’ reaction speed? If you can imagine it, you can create it!

Here’s the stuff our team is making move this week:

Tech toys

Christina will teach you how to code your own tech toys that can flip, spin, and twirl to your liking! Her project is based on our ‘Tech toys’ project guide (available in 9 languages).

Catch the dots

Take this project for a spin! With Mr C and his sidekick Xavier, you get to make a spinning colour coordination game! Their project is based on our ‘Catch the dots’ project guide (available in 15 languages).

Mr C has also made two bonus videos to help you make your ‘Catch the dots’ game faster and add a score to it.

Snowball fight

It’s time for some target practice in the snow, with Marc and a snowball game you can add your own twist to! This project is based on our ‘Snowball fight’ project guide (available in 10 languages).

Show us your moves!

No matter what you’re making move with code this week, we’d love to see your project, so please share it with us! You might see your creation in a blog post like this one, where you can inspire other digital makers just like you.

We create Digital Making at Home for YOU, so you can help make it even better: let us know what you think about our videos!

You’ve seen what we can do, so now it’s your turn to show us how you make it move, digital makers!


PS Speaking of making moves, we want to thank the amazing organisations and individuals who make it possible for us to provide you with free, easy-to-access resources FOREVER. Find out how you can contribute!

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