Let me entertain you!

When things start to slow down, all it takes is a little creativity to bring the shine back to your life! It’s OK to admit when you’re bored, but if there’s anything we’ve learned in the past few weeks, it’s that we can use the power of digital making to solve all types of problems. So let’s use coding to bust down the doors of boredom and entertain ourselves and our family and friends, digital makers!

Entertain your friends and family this week!

What YOU bring to the table is showstopping, and this week your skills are taking center stage to entertain the masses! Keeping people entertained is all about capturing their attention, and going by the projects you’ve shared with us so far, you’re perfect for this role.

All you have to decide is what will keep you and your family and friends entertained. That’s where our team of educators come in, right one cue:

Paint the perfect picture

When things are feeling bland, just add some color! With Mark and Jimi, you get to create your own paint program. This code-along video is based on our ‘Paintbox’ project guide (available in 15 languages).

You’ll also see Jimi (and Mr C!) in another super entertaining live-stream coding session on Wednesday 20 May at 2pm BST (timezone guide). When it’s time, head over to rpf.io/home and bring your friends and family with you!

Memory game

Pay attention or you’ll lose fast in this memory game that you can create together with Mr C and his sidekick Zac to entertain your friends and family! This video is based on our ‘Memory’ project guide (available in 15 languages).

Mr C’s also recorded TWO bonus videos for you if you want to add a score or even record the high score for your game!

Design your own world

Get lost in your own digital world that you can create with Christina’s guidance! This video is based on our ‘Create your own world’ project guide (available in 15 languages).

Make it count, share it out!

Boring is past and with the power of digital making, entertaining your friends and family can be a blast! Don’t forget about us though: your projects have kept us entertained this whole time, so share your creation with us when you feel good about it. While you’re at it, let us know if you have any feedback for us too.

Alright digital makers, it’s your time to shine!


PS Digital Making at Home is one of many free resources that we provide at the Raspberry Pi Foundation, all thanks to the generous donations of partnering organizations and individuals. Find out how you can help us as well!

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