How are Raspberry Pis made?

It’s time for a dessert break with Raspberry Pi! This week’s live stream code-along session is sure to satisfy your digital sweet tooth, so if you missed it, watch it now on YouTube.

This week we indulged our craving for pie, and by that of course we mean the Raspberry Pi computer! If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to design and build a piece of hardware like Raspberry Pi, then this week’s special guest on our live stream will be a real treat for you. We spoke with Roger Thornton, Principal Hardware Engineer at Raspberry Pi, about the production of our small, powerful computer! We also met youth guest coder Isaac and started the ‘Count the creatures’ project to make a wildlife camera with Scratch. You can check out this brand-new project here!

If you’re craving more coding, you can join Christina and Matt tomorrow at 3.30pm PDT / 5.30pm CDT / 6.30pm EDT for another live stream. They’ll show you how to feed your digital appetite by making a fruit salad!

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