Get to know legendary maker Becky Stern!

This week we got a visit from a LEGENDARY multi-talented guest with so many amazing things to share with us! She’s an inventor, maker, teacher, writer, and her name is Becky Stern! She’s all about creating things that bring her joy, and she loves sharing her making process with people on her YouTube channel. We got the chance to see the awesome electronic embroidery project that Becky made as a birthday gift for her really good friend and fellow maker Estefannie. You might remember Estefannie from a previous episode of Digital Making at Home where we talked to her about robots!

Becky also showed us the birthday gift Estefannie made for her: an earthquake simulator. Two amazing gifts made by two amazing makers who prove that there really is no limit to what you can make!

We’re saving our code-along for next Wednesday’s episode, so make sure you tune in to see how to make LEDs blink with Scratch code using a Raspberry Pi computer!

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