Get the inside scoop on the COOLEST event of the year!

50 weeks — almost a whole year! — have passed since we first started Digital Making at Home. For our digital makers who have been coding along with us each week, you might have created 50 different projects in that time! However many you’ve made, give yourself a round of applause, because you are awesome.

If you’ve been wondering what you can do with your projects or if you have a cool idea for a project you’d like to create, this week’s live stream is perfect for you! Mr C and Christina shared the inside scoop on this year’s Coolest Projects online showcase, our free, world-leading technology fair where young people like you share the projects they’ve made! Our guest this week was Coolest Projects team leader Helen Drury, who talked about how you can register for the showcase to share your projects, gave a glimpse of some of her favourite projects from last year’s event, and more.

The very coolest part of this week’s stream had to be seeing Mr C and Christina asked the audience what their ideas for digital making projects were and then gave them advice on how they could make those ideas a reality!

Registration for Coolest Projects is open right now, so if you or a group of your digital making friends have a project you want to share at Coolest Projects, you have until Monday, 3 May to register. We can’t wait for the big online celebration event in early June, where the whole Coolest Projects community will come together to see what you’ve made!

We’ll be back for another episode of Digital Making at Home next week at our usual time. See you then!

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