Get physical with computing

Digital making isn’t just about coding, sometimes you have to slide the  keyboard to the side and get hands-on! This week, we invite you to have fun with your Raspberry Pi, wires, and breadboards. Let’s find out how handy you can be, digital makers — it’s time for some physical computing!

Remember that on Wednesday, you can join Mr C, Christina, and a very special guest to ask them all your questions about robots and follow along with a physical computing project! Tune in at 2pm UK time (9am EDT/7.30pm IST) at

Let’s get physical this week!

Think of all the things you can create when you get physical with computing: robots, self-sewing sewing machines, automated candy dispensers…! The possibilities are endless, so let your imagination create the blueprint for your next masterpiece.

Our team of educators are diving hands-first into some awesome projects that you can follow along with:

Build a cool robot buggy

Let’s use Raspberry Pi and your Python skills to build a robot buggy that you can control remotely! Marc and Jimi help you along the way. This project is based on our ‘Robot buggy’ guide.

If you want to build a simpler buggy without soldering, follow our ‘Explorer HAT buggy’ guide.

Play with Circuit Playground — live

A K-9 replica prop

On Wednesday’s live stream, Mr C and Christina will chat to Estefannie, a YouTuber and experienced maker of robots, and then build a physical project using a Circuit Playground board, along with our young guest coder. Make sure to tune in!

Show us what you build!

We never grow tired of seeing what you create, and this week is no different! What you create with your hands is an extension of you, so share your project with us and let us be in awe of how amazing you are! 

Don’t forget that you can always share your feedback with us too.  

PS We want to thank all of the organisations and individuals that support us so we can build free resources for all of you. If you want to learn more about supporting us, check out our donation page today!

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can you give a tutorial on using the red motor control board you had it would help a lot thanks

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