Controlling robotics all over the world from your computer!

Our most recent episode of Digital Making at Home was all about using our digital making skills to take control, remotely! And what did we learn to take over control of? Robots, drones, RC cars, and so much more! Mr. C and Christina welcomed Stan, co-founder of, which is a platform that lets you connect robotics to the internet and control them remotely from anywhere in the world in real-time. He joined the live stream from their studio in Finland and even gave us a live tour of their office, where they have over 150 Raspberry Pi computers running all kinds of fun games! 

There were so many amazing gadgets and games to see, so make sure you check out the playback if you weren’t able to catch it live. Before the stream wrapped up, Mr. C walked us through how to use the platform to remotely control a Raspberry Pi powered buggy. Once he set everything up where he is in Cambridge, England, Christina was able to control the buggy all the way from Nebraska! We even had a few Digital Making at Home viewers take over control too. Give this project a try with your friends and let us know how it goes!

Don’t forget to tune in this week to learn about making magic! We’ll see you then, digital makers!

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