Code pixel pets with returning guest Carrie Anne Philbin!

In case you missed it, this week’s live stream is now available to watch back on our YouTube channel!

A special guest returned for this stream to teach us how to code our own virtual pets! Mr. C and co-host Rebecca, who stepped in for Christina this week, welcomed back Carrie Anne Philbin. If you’ve been coding along with us for a while, you’ll remember her from the live stream where we coded our own alien language. Carrie Anne is an educator, YouTuber, and the Director of Educator Support at the Raspberry Pi Foundation. She walked us through coding a pixel pet with Python — try it out yourself!

We’ll be back again next week for more coding with friends. Till then, you can watch back our past live streams on YouTube. See you next Wednesday, digital makers!

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SenseHat doesn’t seem to be a valid import anymore. Suggestions?

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