Care for yourself (and others!)

Say “yes” to yourselves, digital makers! This is a time for us to take care of ourselves, and of each other as well — that’s what being part of a global community is all about. So this week, we’re using the power of digital making for self-care!

Let’s care for ourselves this week!

It is so important to take care of yourself, regardless of the conditions of the world outside, because you are important. Repeat after us: I AM IMPORTANT! Self-care is all about spending time with yourself to learn what activities or exercises keep you calm and happy. It might sound a bit weird — “spending time with yourself” — but it’s just like hanging out with your friends or family, only your company is you! It’s an opportunity to explore what feeds your spirit: coding, dancing, running, journaling, and so on.

We can care for others too!

Helping others is also a perfect way to learn about yourself (there’s real science behind it), and it can boost your sense of purpose, well-being, and more! So caring for yourself and others is good for everyone, which is why we have to prioritise it.

And coding along with you has been the perfect way for our team of educators to take care of themselves! Are you ready to code with them?

Mindful meadow

Design your very own digital, flower-filled meadow to make a space where you breathe easy, with the help of Marc and Jimi! This code-along video is based on our brand-new Mindful meadow project (available in 10 languages).

And if you want to extend this project even further, join Mr. C for our next livestream code-along. Tune in on Wednesday 13 May at 2pm BST (timezone guide) at

Your personal self-care chatbot

Sometimes you need to talk it out, so Christina will show you how you can create a chatbot that talks you through what you’re feeling! This code-along video is based on our Chatbot project (available in 20 languages).

Bubble wrap popping

Pop away your worries with Mr. C and his sidekick Xavier by coding a bubble wrap popping game along with them that will help you relax! This code-along video is based on our Balloons project (available in 10 languages).

If you prefer to follow written instructions, our projects site has all these free tutorials and more!

Sharing is caring

There’s no telling how many young digital makers across the globe you can help by sharing your self-care project this week, so share your work with us when it’s complete. You can also share any feedback you have for us about Digital Making at Home, at any time and anywhere.

Take care of yourselves, digital makers. We can’t wait to see what you create!


P.S. Thanks to all of the amazing connections organisations and individuals have made with us, Digital Making at Home and all of our resources are FREE! Find out how you can support our work today to help us continue to provide fun digital making content for everyone around the world.

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