An ooey-GUI fun live stream!

If you weren’t able to code along with us today, you can watch the recording from this week’s live stream session now!

Today’s stream team featured Christina and our special guest Martin, a Learning Manager here at the Raspberry Pi Foundation. You’ll get to learn about his background and what it’s like creating projects and learning resources on a day-to-day basis. He’s the perfect person to chat with if you’re a lover of technology like him.

Martin also taught Christina how to create her own paint app that you can make too by following along! If you’re excited about learning Python and getting to know the guizero library, you’re going to love this code-along! And if you want to learn more GUI goodness, check out our ‘Getting started with GUIs’ project.

Christina will be live again tomorrow with Matt for another code-along session to create a butterfly garden at 3.30pm PDT / 5.30pm CDT / 6.30pm EDT. Then we’ll be back next week for more live coding with more special guests and fun! 

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