I’m in a bit of a rush today; we’re driving down to Wales with Pete in an hour or so to visit the UK factory, which is celebrating a special anniversary tomorrow. So here’s a grab bag of stuff from around the internet that people have been doing with their Pis. You guys have been... Continue reading
Our friends at Adafruit just mailed me something remarkably cool. Click the picture to visit their project pages and learn how to do this yourself. The picture you see above is the result of a Raspberry Pi persistance of vision (POV) project similar to the Magic Wand we featured here a few weeks back, where... Continue reading
Mike Cook, electronics Superman, swapped some emails with us after we last posted about one of his projects.¬†Eben and I both wanted to talk to him about a feature from Mike’s Body Building column in Micro User from 1989, where Mike made a magic wand that wrote letters in the air. I read the magazine... Continue reading