Submit your make

We’d like you to submit your project by making a YouTube video about what you did, what it was like working on it, what you learnt, what went wrong, what went right… that kind of thing. Don’t worry if you’ve never made a video before: it doesn’t need to be too fancy.

Our video has a few tips and tricks to speed you on your way to filmmaking success:

Pioneers: a video about making a video

We’d like you to make a video for your final submission. Here’s how. For more information about Pioneers, and to register your team, head to


  • Use your smartphone on its side to record video (i.e. landscape mode rather than portrait)
  • Make sure there’s no background noise when you’re speaking so that the microphone can capture what you’re saying!
  • If you want to show us something, take a step or two towards it to zoom in, rather than using the zoom on your device (as long as it’s safe to do that!)

What we’re looking for

When we watch the videos, we’ll be thinking about the following things:

  • What your idea is. Is it creative and original? Does it fulfil the challenge that we set?
  • The skill you’ve shown in creating your final make. Have you been wasteful in your use of resources?
  • The almighty ‘wow’ factor!