Submit your world-saving idea!

How do I submit my entry?

Please note: Pioneers is currently not open for submissions.

Make sure you include the following things in your submission:

  • Video: Post your video on YouTube and share the link with us. You can keep the video private if you or your team would prefer that, but remember that, if you win, we would like to share your video with the wider world.
  • Code: Submit any code you’ve used in the build by providing the link to your file repository on GitHub, Google Drive, or Dropbox.
  • Plans: We’d also love to see any make-related diagrams, plans, schematics, charts, or blueprints you might have lying around, so stick those in your file repository too.

Once you’ve submitted, we’ll organise for a bag of Pioneers swag to be delivered to you to say ‘Well done on a good job jobbed’!

Check out our Mentor Guide for loads more tips & tricks for crafting the perfect submission, including how to make your video entry.

Judging criteria

Here are the categories for which we award prizes:

  • Theme winner: The project which best captures the spirit of ‘Only You Can Save Us’.
  • We appreciate what you’re trying to do: This award goes to teams that, even though they haven’t fully realised their ambition yet, have made a great start. *And*, when they do finish, we think their make is going to be awesome.
  • Inspiring journey: The teams that win this award have done a great job sharing the trials and tribulations they encountered and the lessons they learned along the way!
  • Technically brilliant: With this award, we recognise teams with projects showing off some serious digital making chops.
  • Best explanation: To win this award, you need to show us exactly what you’ve made, and how you’ve made it — all in a highly watchable, entertaining video.