Pioneers was a programme for 11- to 16-year-olds, in which we challenged young people to make something awesome using technology. We call this ‘digital making’. Taking part in Pioneers was a chance to create something amazing, learn cool new skills along the way, and win some awesome prizes. Each school term, we set a new challenge to inspire you to get creative with technology. Teams then had ten weeks to use digital tech to make their project. To achieve this, they could do anything from programming some music or building a website, to hacking some hardware, building a prototype,  using a 3D printer, and much more besides. Working on a Pioneers project was an inventive and hands-on way for young people to use digital technology, instead of just checking your email or creating a PowerPoint presentation. Check out below to see what we got up to.



A calamity of epic proportions hit us in August 2017, and young people all over the UK and Republic of Ireland were challenged to make something using tech to help avert the crisis.

Can you see me? Only YOU can save us!

Pioneers challenge 3 has now closed. That you to everyone who took part.

We intercepted an emergency communication from a lonesome survivor. She seemed to be in quite a bit of trouble, and asked all you young people aged 11 to 16 to come up with something to help tackle the oncoming crisis, using whatever technology you had to hand. You had ten weeks to work in teams of two to five with an adult mentor to fulfil your mission.

Our theme winners tackled zombies with nerf bullets! We loved the especially apocalyptic feel of the Computatron’s cleverly hacked and repurposed elements. The team even used an old floppy disc mechanism to help fire their bullets!

You can check out all the awesome winning entries on our blog.


In the early half of 2017, we challenged young people to make something related to the outdoors.

Your next challenge, if you choose to accept it, is…

Pioneers challenge 2 has now closed. That you to everyone who took part.

Our theme winners HH Squared really delivered! They best captured the spirit of what our challenge was asking with their fabulous, fun-looking project which used the outdoors to make it a success. HH Squared, we loved Pi Spy so much that we may have to make our own for Pi Towers! You can check out all our winners projects on our blog.


Our first season of Pioneers set down an epic challenge of making us laugh. And boy, did the teams deliver. Our theme-winning team The Technological Tricksters and their project, Singing Potato project made us laugh…a lot. And through our tears of laughter, we were pleased to see the use of several different skills, along with a killer Gollum impression.

Pioneers: the first challenge is…

Pioneers challenge 1 has now closed. That you to everyone who took part. And thanks to Owen for the video.

More info on all the season one winners is available on our blog.