Get together, get inspired, and get making

We’re looking for Pioneers in the UK, aged 11-16, who use technology to make awesome things. Get together in a team, make a thing, share it online.

Every few months we’ll set a new challenge to inspire you to get creative with technology. Everyone who takes part will get kudos and respect. The most impressive, interesting and ingenious makes will lead to extra kudos and respect, money-can’t-buy prizes, and cool swag.

You have until the beginning of July to Make it outdoors. This is your opportunity to take technology and make it work in the real world. We’re looking for teams of two to five people based in the UK to show us how to use technology to affect the way we do things outdoors. It’s up to you to decide how you’ll proceed when it comes to your participation in Pioneers, but this is what our teams tend to do: