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As well as learning in school, young people can have fun getting creative with tech at home to make things that matter to them.

That’s why part of our educational mission is supporting young people, parents, and educators with free home learning resources.

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Find a coding club to join

Through Code Club and CoderDojo, we support educators and volunteers around the world to run free coding clubs for young people. At the club sessions, young people use project guides specially created by us. Club organisers provide support to help the young people progress through our projects, to create games, animations, and web pages and more. Get your kid involved today.

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Learn to code with our projects

The projects include step-by-step instructions to support coding for kids, teenagers and young adults of all ages and skill levels. Plus they’re available in up to 30 languages and take less than an hour to complete.

Coolest Projects

Our world-leading, annual technology showcase Coolest Projects lets young people around the world share their tech creations online, and celebrates their achievements. You can discover loads of young people's projects in the 2024 showcase gallery now.

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Enter the European Astro Pi Challenge

Every year, young people take part in the Astro Pi Challenge to write code that runs on Raspberry Pi computers on board the International Space Station.

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Are you a teacher?

Discover our free teaching resources and online training courses to help you teach computing with confidence. We also have coding competitions and support for starting your own coding club to keep your learners engaged in digital making.

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Explore Code Club World

Helping young people, aged 9 to 13, to learn how to code through fun, creative making activities and projects.

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Digital Making at Home

Check out our Digital Making at Home videos: code-along instructions for fun, creative projects, plus inspiring conversations with young digital makers!

Watch and code along!
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