Non-GCSE – Lesson 2 – The RSC Live event

Curriculum KS4 Unit Lesson

The aim of this lesson is to implement a spreadsheet which represents seating for the live event of Rock Star Challenge. There are different seat prices for adults, students, and over 60s. Learners will use a drop-down list to select seats, and formulae will be used to calculate the price. Learners will recognise the value of streamlining a spreadsheet by entering data in just one place and using formulae to calculate prices. Formulae will be implemented to count the sold seats and calculate the remaining available seats. The spreadsheet can be used as a financial model to reflect income from seat sales, and the use of formatting will indicate seat availability at a glance.

Learning objectives

  • Implement formatting to make the spreadsheet readable and to highlight different specific information
  • Use data validation when entering data in order to reduce user error

Package contents

  • Lesson plans
  • Slide decks
  • Learner resources
  • Homework