Non-GCSE – Lesson 1 – Spreadsheet warm-up

Curriculum KS4 Unit Lesson

The purpose of this lesson is to revisit spreadsheet skills learners may have developed in KS3, check their understanding of spreadsheet layout, and refamiliarise them with formulae. The topic will be a television talent show Rock Star Challenge. Viewers will be invited to phone in and vote for their favourite bands. The phone votes generate income and a percentage of this income will be donated to charity. Learners will implement a spreadsheet solution to track voting for the talent show, and to calculate income from mobile and landline votes and how much will be donated to charity.

Learning objectives

  • Create a spreadsheet model for a given scenario
  • Demonstrate how to use formulae to perform calculations
  • Apply cell formatting

Package contents

  • Lesson plans
  • Slide decks
  • Learner resources
  • Homework