Year 7 – Lesson 11 – Translate this! Part 1

Curriculum KS3 Unit Lesson

Learners are given a scenario to create a translation quiz for a Modern Foreign Languages teacher. The learners will decompose the problem and start to build a Scratch program to meet the requirements. This is a pair programming project that takes place over two lessons; pairs will develop their programs to differing levels. A rubric is to be used for peer- or self-assessment to check progress. Extension activities allow learners to explore more challenging aspects of the solution. In Lesson 12, learners will be given a multiple choice quiz as a formal final assessment.

Learning objectives

  • Decompose a larger problem into smaller subproblems
  • Apply appropriate constructs to solve a problem

Package contents

  • Lesson plans
  • Slide decks
  • Learner resources
  • Homework