Welcome Dave!

Carrie Anne wasn’t our only new starter on Monday: we’ve also welcomed Dave Honess to the team. Dave will be familiar to many of you as Davespice from our forums, where he’s one of our moderators; he’s also been helping me moderate the comments on this blog for a year or so now, and he’s a mod on the Freenode #raspberrypi IRC channel. Dave writes for The MagPi (as Davespice), and he’s behind the porting and uploading of lots of the retro games you’ll see at the Pi Store. Here he is in situ at Pi Towers.

Dave’s an archaeologist by training, as well as a software developer; he’s also been working with the Pi as a private tutor, and he’s a STEM Ambassador. He’s joining us to work on a mixture of project management (fortunately for Dave, that’s much more exciting than it sounds), creating educational resources, outreach, and polishing the educational software stack. We’re extremely glad to have him, and we’re running out of desks.

Dave says:

Back in 2011 one of my old work colleagues brought in an old Spectrum BASIC book, and we had a discussion about how great that era of programming was.  We then flipped to the back, found Frogger, and tried to type it into an emulator; we were rusty.  Not long after that I found the first blog post about the Raspberry Pi at the BBC by Rory Cellan Jones.  I remember thinking it was going to be massive back then, and signed up to the website soon after. I’m glad to say I was right – it has been massive – and I am very happy and excited to have landed a job here. I am going to be working on creating educational materials for the Raspberry Pi and helping with various outreach projects the foundation is working on.

A few of you will know me from IRC and the forums, but for those of you who don’t, you can have a quick glance at my original Introduce Yourself post from when I joined the community here.

Dave is very unfortunate, because he’s ended up sitting next to me. We commiserate about the seating plan and congratulate you on your new job, Dave – welcome on board!