University of York Raspberry Pi Challenge 2016

The Department of Computer Science at the University of York holds a Raspberry Pi Challenge every year with the intention of introducing future students to the world of programming, regardless of their prior experience. They aim to create a wide community of support for all in much the same way as the Raspberry Pi Foundation does, working to introduce their students to each other and helping to build relationships before the start of the academic year.

Gordon Hollingworth, our Director of Software Engineering, visited the department as one of the judges of this year’s competition… sorry, he’s just advised me that he was Head Judge, and he’s now saying something about bicycles… and provided his wealth of knowledge and experience. He also provided a lot of stickers.

For information on the event, plus examples of some of the brilliant projects created by the students, check out the video below.




Eben, Liz and team,
If you have some laurels, and just a moment, you could rest on them. Nice job, well done!


This is great!


What a brilliant Challenge! The Labyrinth game looks superb.


This is so inspiring! Especially for the new incomers!


Like this

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