The magnificent Miss Philbin from Geek Gurl Diaries has been having fun with a Raspberry Pi, a thermal printer (the sort that till receipts are printed out on) and a big shiny button. She’s made a little Python fortune-telling box, which prints off geek pronouncements when the button’s pressed. Miss Philbin is the sort of... Continue reading
Gert’s video on Wednesday explaining how to fix up your own ribbon cable with a press connector (much cheaper and easier to source than buying a finished one in the shops) got a lot of people asking for more information on using the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO (general purpose input/output) pins. So here’s another video from... Continue reading
Someone in our forums was asking yesterday where he could buy some ribbon cable with a press connector for his Raspberry Pi, to attach to the GPIO pins. Pre-built cables like this are hard to find, and the options other people on the forums found were pricey, and also attracted large shipping costs. So Gert... Continue reading