One of the most popular projects we’ve featured here was Dave Hunt’s PiPhone. It’s a working mobile phone built around a Raspberry Pi; it does all the telephony you’d expect, but it’s a smart-ish phone, not a complete smart phone, which made some of you sad. In the year since the PiPhone was first built, … Continue reading →
Update, May 6 2014: Dave’s now filmed a teardown of the project, because so many of you were asking for more details. Dave Hunt‘s been at it again. Here’s his latest: a home-made smartphone based around a Raspberry Pi. It’s smaller than many of the phones I’ve owned, and it’s cheaper than the phone that’s currently … Continue reading →
If you travel a lot, you’ll be used to absurd roaming charges when you use your mobile phone. But sometimes your phone’s an absolute necessity – those of us at the Foundation can’t really go overseas for work or for holiday without paying those charges, because we need to be in touch with the office … Continue reading →
The Monday Morning Three-Minute-Hate is a time to remember all those things that make life worse, Once you’ve got through poverty, war and injustice, and the way the alarm clock makes you feel, you’re likely to start to dwell on other stuff. Like those silent robotic telemarketing calls. I had an email this morning that … Continue reading →
Here’s a nice bit of new functionality for your Raspberry Pi: the good folks at Elastix, the open-source unified communications outfit, have developed a new version of Elastix 32 bits, called μElastix, and ported it to the Raspberry Pi. I know a lot of you were clamouring for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) on your Pis (for people … Continue reading →