Electronic Grenade’s Computer Mouse is the turducken of the tech world, stuffed so full of computing gubbins that you genuinely don’t need anything else. Don’t believe us? See for yourself: The “Computer” Mouse: A DIY Project The computer mouse is an entire laptop computer in mouse form that uses the raspberry pi zero W as … Continue reading →
Hey folks! Rob from The MagPi here with the good news that a brand new issue is out today, with a slightly new look. The MagPi 74 shows you how to build a Pi‑powered laptop, and gives tips on how to recycle an old laptop to use with Pi. We’ve got a pretty simple, tiny … Continue reading →
In this digital age, where backup computers and multiple internet-connected devices are a must, maker phrazelle built this beautiful Raspberry Pi-powered steampunk laptop for his girlfriend. And now we all want one. I mean, just look at it! This build is gorgeous. And as a fan of quirky-looking tech builds and of making things out of … Continue reading →