A few weeks ago Matt Timmons-Brown, The Raspberry Pi Guy, visited Pi Towers to interview Raspberry Pi Trading CEO Eben Upton. Over the course of an hour and a half, Matt drew Eben’s detailed answers on some of the topics that hundreds of you put forward in response to a call for questions. When might … Continue reading →
Back in February 2014, Matt Timmons-Brown captured Gordon, our Head of Software, and would not let him go to the café for his “Gordon Special” until he had spilled all of our secrets. Matt is spending some time at Raspberry Pi Towers shortly and we’d like to do this again, but this time with added … Continue reading →
Gordon Hollingworth, our Director of Software, has been Googling himself, and mailed me to let me know about this video he found from Richard Ibbotson. Richard came by Pi Towers last month and filmed this little interview with Gordon and Eben – it’s worth a watch if you’re interested in what goes on behind the … Continue reading →
Telecom TV interviewed Eben, in their Executive Insight segment. I won’t embed it here because the video autoplays, but you can watch it at the Telecom TV website, and I really recommend it. Update ten minutes later: well, I got the embed to work without annoying you, but that’s a doozy of a frame that it’s … Continue reading →
Here’s the first video so far from this weekend’s Maker Faire. When we first watched this, Eben’s only response was: “Wow. I really don’t have a neck, do I?” He talks about the camera board, third-party add-ons, the weather, university teaching, supply issues and a whole lot more. I’m having trouble embedding the video, which … Continue reading →