Your votes have been counted: there was a clear winner. Congratulations to Fergal Butler, who was the first person to respond to the original post with the name Babbage. Well done Fergal! Emma will be in touch with you next week to get your address. The prototype bear has already found a home with Clive’s … Continue reading →
We’ve been choosing bear names for the competition today. A name has been chosen! See our latest post to find out what it was. We ended up with a shortlist of the best names, and set to voting. Unfortunately, we ended up in deadlock, with four votes each for Darlington and Babbage. Eben went so … Continue reading →
In about a month’s time, we’re going to be launching a brand-new range of Raspberry Pi merchandise. (My desk is currently awash with notebooks, gym bags, pencils, mugs, umbrellas and…stuff.) This little guy is going to be one of the additions to the line-up. He’s soft, he’s cuddly, he’s only about 20cm tall, and he … Continue reading →