Arch Linux
There’s a really fantastic piece in Techradar and Linux Format, going into considerable depth to compare, contrast and review five Raspberry Pi operating systems. If you’ve been thinking about trying out a new distro on your Pi, it’s a great place to start. (And well done, Raspbian!) … Continue reading →
Liz: We’ve had some really interesting conversations this year with visually impaired users of the Raspberry Pi. Accessibility on the Pi is something the community’s been working on since we launched; Michael Ray started a Raspberry-vi (vi stands for visually impaired) mailing list which has been running for a while now, and the group behind … Continue reading →
Arch Linux ARM for Raspberry Pi is now ready to go! It’s available now on our downloads page. Huge thanks to Dave (pepedog on the forums) for working so hard on this project over the last six months. Says Liam: Thanks to Velocix for providing us with free usage of their Content Delivery Network and … Continue reading →