Raspberry Jamboree

The first ever Raspberry Jamboree is being held on March 9 in Manchester, organised by the indefatigable Alan O’Donohoe. It’s a big event, showcasing uses of the Pi in education, where you’ll be able to share ideas about getting kids interested in computing and learn more about the wonderful Pi ecosystem. You’ll also be able to find out about setting up a Raspberry Jam where you live, and meet plenty of like-minded Pi fans.

Thanks to the success of ticket sales and some sponsorship from CPC, Frog, Bytemark and support from BCS Manchester, the Jamboree team has been able to fund high-quality recording of all the talks from the Jamboree as well as offering a live video stream during the event. Alan says:

At the moment we are only planning to make 100 video feeds available, but if demand increases we have plans in place to increase that number. I would love for as many as people as possible to be able to watch the video feed, but to avoid people signing up and then not using the facility we have added a nominal charge of £2 plus eventbrite fees of 70p. This won’t cover the cost of providing the stream – but will help us have control over the amount of people that sign up and should prevent people from using up all our tickets with no intention of using them.

We’ve got some fantastic speakers lined up, the likes of Professor Steve Furber, Carrie Anne Philbin, Amy Mather (the 13 yr old coder featured on BBC Womens Hour) and many more.

It would great if all of our web cast tickets sold out as well as our ‘in person’ tickets too.  I would love to be in a position of having to increase our capacity to cope with the demand!

You can read more about the programme for the day here. Register for the webcast at http://raspberryjamboreelive.eventbrite.com/# – we think it’ll be well worth your time!




Erm… tickets are £10 plus 90p fee – not £2…


Ahh, I seen now… why can’t the web feed just be hosted on Livestream or as a Google+ Hangout (and on YouTube), so that bandwidth isn’t limited, and anyone can watch (without buying a ticket)?


Happy to donate a VM with half a gigabit of bandwidth for the day. If you’re charging people to view the streams we’ll bill you for the bandwidth used, if it’s free to view we’ll pay the bandwidth bill for you. sales@mythic-beasts.com if you’re interested. You’re still probably better off with youtube for this type of thing though.


Generally for these things it is the streaming server software that costs the cash, not the raw bandwidth itself. There are open source media servers, but they aren’t very mainstream, and thus not widely supported (sadly). Be a nice project to implement one for future events, now that faster upstream bandwidth on the likes of FTTC ‘BT Infinity’ makes event streaming more of a possibility. Pi TV!! Now I wonder what you could use as a neat little client machine to watch it……


We’ve tried both Livestream and Google+ Hangouts before. Both took a considerable amount of setting up and gave viewers very disappointing results which received lots of complaints.

This time we are paying an experienced company to manage the stream for us, while it has been great having volunteers in the past – I wanted to guarantee a high quality video output. There are lots of ‘background’ costs, camera hire, sound desk management, ensuring that there is enough quality and capacity to stream out of the venue.

Putting a small fee on the passes for the webcast gives us a little control over the handling of this and allows us to recover some of these costs.

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