Raspberry Jamboree, Manchester 27 Feb – 1 Mar 2014

The 2014 Raspberry Jamboree is coming up at the end of February. Last year was fantastic and this year’s is looking bigger and better. Carrie Anne, Dave, Ben and I will see you there! Organiser Alan O’Donohoe tells us more:

I’m a Computing teacher in and I’m always on the look out for resources and strategies to make the teaching of Computing more engaging and inspiring. That’s why I organised the Raspberry Jamboree in March 2013, to help share the educational potential of the Raspberry Pi computer. If you didn’t manage to get there, you may have seen the videos we shared afterwards of Carrie Anne, Rob Bishop, and Amy Mather.

Last year, we sold all 400 tickets well before the Jamboree. People attended the event in Manchester took part in talks, hands-on practical sessions and an opportunity to meet others to share ideas and projects.

This short film gives a flavour of last year’s event.

Well at the end of this month, we’re holding the 2014 OCR Raspberry Jamboree and this year it’s even bigger than last year, running over three days with a whole range of ways that you can discover the educational potential of the Raspberry Pi computer. At the same time there is also the Education Innovation Conference and Exhibition taking place with many CPD sessions on offer. So it’s not all about the Raspberry Pi, but if you’ve got one and you want to make the most of it, we’ll be able to help you.

On Thursday 27th February during the day we have a variety of talks and hands-on sessions as well as a free twilight session from 4-7pm. On Friday 28th February we have even more talks and activities during the day and in the evening from 5-7pm we celebrate the 2nd birthday of the Raspberry Pi with a family friendly event with fun, games & prizes. I realise that it can be tough to get time out of school, hence the evening & weekend activities too. If you can only be released from school for one day, I would recommend the Friday.

Then on Saturday 1st March at Edge Hill University we are holding our Jam Hack Day for up to 300 children, teachers, parents, enthusiasts etc. to come and learn together and problem solve in teams. Please consider bringing either your family or a group of pupils to this event. You might want to bring a handful of interested pupils, or suggest they make their own way there with their families.



Have a good one!


Looks fab, but when did Edge Hill Uni in Ormskirk become part of Manchester?


When the cost of the Manchester venue was hiked to a some ridiculous amount for the Saturday, I’m told.


Well, unfortunately – although I wanted to hold the Saturday event in Manchester, no organisation was willing to accommodate 300 children, parents, teachers etc. It wasn’t seen as being important enough.

Thankfully, Edge Hill University were able to see the massive value in hosting such an event. A venue further away is better than no venue or a venue that costs £16000 for a day.


I’m going too, looking forward to it!


Alan, your grand events inspire our little Jamlets (in comparison) here in and around Silicon Valley, where most people are more interested in the bleeding edge of bigger/faster/more-expensive. However, there are some among whom interest continues to grow, especially among immigrants and in the agricultural areas on the periphery. The large population of agricultural workers who have immigrated from other countries desperately want their children to receive the education they didn’t have the opportunity to obtain, and the prospect of them learning about computing, robotics, and other STEM subjects is exciting to all because no one has shown them the possibilities before. Keep up the great work and showing how it’s done so we can follow in your slipstream of success!


Not to mention that fact that it will be even more awesome because I am presenting there

The Raspberry Pi Guy

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