Google’s AlphaGo donation will help Code Club grow

In March, Google DeepMind’s Artificial Intelligence AlphaGo won an historic five-game challenge match against Lee Sedol, the best Go player of the past decade. DeepMind said that they would be donating the grand prize of $1 million US to charities and non-profits. This afternoon, co-founder and CEO Demis Hassabis announced that Code Club will receive $100 000 of AlphaGo’s prize!

Demis Hassabis on Twitter

Pleased to confirm the recipients of the #AlphaGo $1m prize! @UNICEF_uk, @CodeClub, and the American, European and Korean Go associations

We’re absolutely delighted that Google DeepMind has chosen to make this generous donation to Code Club, and we’ll use the prize money to help even more children in the UK and worldwide to get into computing and coding.

Children at a Code Club

Happy tech enthusiasts at a Code Club

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