Using your cyber skills for good with cybersecurity expert Katie!

It’s time to use code in order to make your computer is safe for you and your family to use! You might be used to hearing about hacking as a bad thing, but this week on Digital Making at Home we’re learning about “ethical hacking” from our special guest Katie, who is a cybersecurity expert! Fun fact: she’s currently getting a Ph.D. in cybersecurity and must defend her thesis in two weeks, so send her all the good thoughts! Katie shared that as an ethical hacker, she pretends to be a hacker, figures out what issues she could cause in a system, and reports back to the developers who own run the system to let them know how they can make their code even more secure. It was so amazing learning about her story; she’s feels like her brain is wired for computers! 

Mr. C and Christina also showed us how to use Scratch to code a password safety program. It is so important to keep your passwords updated so that all of your accounts aren’t compromised. This is a topic that Mr. C is passionate about and he even gave a TEDx talk that was focused on “Teaching Kids Tech-Fu”. It’s so great to know that so many people are working hard to make sure the internet is safe for us all! 

Join us next week for more learning, coding, and creating together!

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