Unveil the magic of code with Mario the Maker Magician!

There’s so much magic in the world and on this week’s episode of Digital Making at Home, we got to combine some of that magic with code! To show us just how perfectly magic and coding work together, Mr. C and Christina invited Mario the Maker Magician to the stream. Mario is not only one of the most magical people you’ll ever meet, but he also loves 3D design, 3D printing, animation, robotics, and more! Mario started practicing magician in his 20’s as a street magician and now is a full-time magician. We had a blast talking with Mario and of course, he showed us a few magic tricks that will blow your mind! 

A few of us here at the Raspberry Pi Foundation also dabble in a bit of magic, including Mr. C! He showed us a magic card trick that you can code in Scratch to bring the magic of today’s episode to your friends and family. That’s all for this week, but stay tuned to see what new and exciting things happen next on Digital Making at Home!

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