Staying connected around the world

Gone are the days of sending messages to your loved ones via carrier pigeon, smoke signal, and letters in a bottle! There are so many ways for us to communicate with each other around the world today: email, text message, video calls… And what’s the best part about it? This is all possible while we’re staying safe at home practicing social distancing. To help you reach out to others, our theme this week for Digital Making at Home is all about making connections!

Let’s connect with each other this week!

Staying connected doesn’t require us to be in the same room, let alone in the same country. We have the power of digital making at our fingertips to help connect us to one another in a matter of seconds, which gives us limitless opportunities to collaborate and create together!

Do you have friends that don’t live so close to you? Reach out to them with an e-card to let them know that you miss them! Did you make a song last week that you want others to listen to? Host the song on a page and share the URL out so people can hear it. And stay connect with us too by sharing your creations with us!

Connect with us in real time for our first-ever LIVE STREAM code-along led by Mr C, this Wednesday 6 May at 2pm BST (timezone guide) at He’ll show you how to create your own phrasebook in Scratch that can translate useful phrases into different languages!

And as always, our team will show you how to make connections in their on-demand code-along videos:

Beginner level

Send your friends and family the gift of GIFs featuring you, by following along with Mr C and his sidekick Zac as they play with making cool GIFs in Scratch!

Go to the free project guide (available in 12 languages).

Intermediate level

Create your own e-card with Christina that you can send via email to get people to smile, laugh, and feel connected to you!

Go to the free project guide (available in 20 languages).

Advanced level

Work with Marc to create your own chatroom where you can talk with your friends and family wherever they are!

Go to the starter project.

Connect with us by sending us your project!

Don’t forget to share your project with us for this week to stay connected with us and the whole digital making community! We ALWAYS love to see what amazing things you’re creating with code.

Keep an eye out for our extra Digital Making at Home content, coming your way throughout the week. Last week’s we shared ways people have brought their code to life with the magic of music. If you find any cool project that you’d like us to see, or if you have feedback for us, reach out to us!

Are you ready to get connected to friends, new and old, this week?! Then let’s get digital making!


P.S. Thanks to all of the amazing connections organizations and individuals have made with us, Digital Making at Home and all of our resources are FREE! Find out how you can support our work today to help us continue to provide fun digital making content for everyone around the world.

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Dear Kevin Johnson,
I think it’s a great idea.
I’d like to ask you if I can translate your article and project idea into French for publication on the website ( ). I’m trying to create a community around robotics, computer thinking and programming in Switzerland. Of course you will remain the author of the article (I just translate and share it). May I?
With kind regards,


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Do you need a raspberry pi

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