Let’s light up your world using LED fairy string lights!

It’s time to get crafty this week on Digital Making at Home, and we’ve got the perfect special guest! Mr. C and Christina spoke with Debra from Geek Mom Projects. Her workshop space was beaming with all sorts of lights from the many projects she’s put together, from wearables to LED creatures and more! She’s always looking for exciting projects to try out on her own or with her kids! You can see many of these projects on her blog, which she started to inspire people to try new things. 

She recently came up with her own project using LED fairy string lights and actually showed Mr. C and Christina how to make an infinity mirror LED fairy light creature! Christina even followed along with Debra to create her own LED creature. If you’re coding along with this project, you should definitely consider submitting it for this year’s Coolest Projects

That’s all for this week, but we’ll be back for more next Wednesday! See you then, digital makers!

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