Learn how to convert data into music with Artash and Arushi!

They say two heads are better than one, but what happens when those two heads belong to siblings? Amazing things happen, of course! This week for Digital Making at Home, siblings Artash and Arushi joined our stream from Canada to talk about their love of outer space and to showcase their amazing machine learning project.

For this project, Artash and Arushi spent three weeks gathering sound data to measure the changes in their environment during the beginning of lockdown. Then they used machine learning to convert the data into music! The siblings shared their project with the world in the Coolest Projects showcase, and special judge Eben Upton picked it as one of his favourites!

You don’t want to miss out hearing from Artash and Arushi, so make sure to watch this week’s stream if you haven’t already. Don’t forget to subscribe to our new Youtube channel too so you don’t miss any of our upcoming streams!

What amazing digital makers will inspire us next? You’ll see next week when we’re back with another stream on Wednesday at 7pm GMT!

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