Get your motors running with Raspberry Pi Pico!

On this week of Digital Making at Home, we’re geeking out with our special guest Dalia Awad, a young programmer from Gaza in Palestine! She talked to us about her journey to becoming a geek, starting with her taking technology courses with a company in Gaza when she was 15 years old. It was here that she built her first circuit, which was a traffic light! From that point forward, she was hooked: she won first place with her friends in a robot competition, she developed her own software, and so much more! Dalia has had quite the amazing journey so far, which she’s written about in this article.

For this week’s code-along, Mr C and Christina showed us how to get our motors running using the new Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller. This is a great starting point for any young coders who are thinking about building their own drone, buggy, rover, or robot. 

Catch them next week for another awesome episode of Digital Making at Home!

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Very interesting article, 😊 thank you.

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