Get up to speed about video games with Jonic!

Happy New Year, digital makers — we couldn’t wait to get back to coding together with you!

Just for you, we saved the perfect special guest to kick off 2021! He’s a Senior Software Engineer here at the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and his name rhymes with the fastest blue hedgehog in the world: meet Jonic! When he’s not working brilliantly to keep the Raspberry Pi website in top shape, he sings, plays guitar, and even creates his own video games. Jonic’s most recent game, called Knifey Spoony, tests your reaction speed. Both Mr C and Christina got to hear how he invented the game, so make sure you watch this week’s recording to find out too! You’ll also learn how to make your own Scratch version of Knifey Spoony.

We’ve got a whole year ahead of us with so much coding to do together, so buckle up! Join us next Wednesday for more Digital Making at Home.

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