Get to know software developer (and little brother of Christina) Juan-Carlos!

As you know, Digital Making at Home is all about having fun with your family and on today’s stream, we got to spend some time getting to know a family member of one of our very own co-hosts! Mr. C and Christina welcomed to the stream Juan-Carlos, a software developer AND Christina’s younger brother! We also found out that their dad was tuned in as well and engaging with everyone in the chat! Juan-Carlos talked about his journey becoming a software developer and the work that he does now at an energy company that manages solar and wind farms. Fun fact: before he started working in the energy industry, he developed mobile apps! The world of digital making is so big and there’s so much to try, so we loved having Juan-Carlos on to share his adventures with us. 

Mr. C and Christina also showed us how to make a simple website that’s hosted on a Raspberry Pi, which one of our viewers asked about in a previous stream. That’s right, if you have an idea for a project you’d like to see Mr. C and Christina work on, share it in the chat when we’re live and maybe they’ll pick it for a future code-along! 

That’s it for this week of Digital Making at Home! See you next week for more coding, community, and creating together! 

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