Get in the STEM spirit with young scientist Eleanor Sigrest!

This week on Digital Making at Home, we got the chance to chat with a young scientist who wants to be the first person to walk on Mars! Her name is Eleanor Sigrest, and we think she’s got all of the skills and STEM spirit to make it happen. You’ll get to learn about her journey to becoming a tech creator and how her working with her dad to repair their stove as a kid led her to now testing liquids in a zero-gravity environment on a rocket flight. Fun fact: Eleanor’s favorite constellation is Cassiopeia, and if you’ve been tuning into the live stream regularly, you’ll know that that’s also the name of Christina’s puppy!

If you’re someone who loves to stargaze or is curious at all about science, this week’s live stream is a MUST-WATCH! We were blown away by the amazing work that Eleanor is doing, and we think you’ll love her work too. 

Tune in next Wednesday for another episode of Digital Making at Home!

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