Coding around the World Wide Web!

It’s the perfect time to take a break and watch this week’s live stream code-along session, available now! 

Learn your way around the World Wide Web this week with Christina, Matt, and our special guest Maimuna! She works as a software engineer at the Raspberry Pi Foundation. You’ll hear about Maimuna’s experience falling in love with computer science in high school and how she turned that passion into a career. Fun fact: Maimuna’s first time coding on the web was for her personal blog as a kid! Now that she’s an expert, she also taught Christina and Matt some HTML, which you can try too!

Tune in tomorrow for another live code-along session with Christina and Matt at 3.30pm PDT / 5.30pm CDT / 6.30pm EDT and join us again next week for even more coding!

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I will pay for something like this, oor throw some money your way even

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I am retired and have purchased a Raspberry 4.
Where is the best, and easiest, place to go to learn and understand about the WWW, URLs etc. I need basic knowledge before I starting to use Python.

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Once again, great website for us newbies.

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i tried to load the site on my iPad Mini but it never works help me please what am i doing incorrectly

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cheers for writing this critical and helpful information to help us newbies

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Hi, do you realize that stylesheet doesnt load? Just wanted to make you aware of

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