Code your own storm cloud using Scratch!

Have you ever wanted to snatch a beautiful cloud out of the sky and take it home with you? What if we told you that you can not only sculpt your own cloud, but also use code to make it light up and make sounds?!

This week, you can watch Mr C and Christina create a storm cloud out of cotton wool, LED lights, and a Raspberry Pi. Then they built code in Scratch to flicker the LEDs just like lightning in a thunderstorm. Fun fact: Mr C made this project for his 6-month-old daughter to help her fall asleep! Maybe you can create this project for someone in YOUR life, for example a family member or a friend. 

We experienced some technical difficulties trying to connect with our special guest Al Pemartin, so we will try to connect with them again in an upcoming episode. Our very NEXT episode is a special PI DAY CELEBRATION! Join our live party this Sunday(!) at 7pm GMT / 12 noon EST — we can’t wait to get festive with you.

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