Celebrating Earth Day with code

Click here to view our Earth Day code-along videos!

We hope everyone had a lovely Earth Day this week. This year’s theme for Earth Day was ‘climate action. As we all know, climate change is one of the biggest challenges we’re confronting to make sure we have a more sustainable future.

Did you know that code is being used to answer questions about the Earth and climate? That’s right! Coding can help solve real-world problems, and we have a list of projects to help you learn more. All over the world, people are using the power of coding and digital making to learn about Earth, explore marine ecology, follow the journeys of sea life, and more!

Check out these projects to learn what people are doing and discover how you can use your coding skills to join in too:

Surfing sea turtles

Green Sea Turtle Alasdair Davies Raspberry Pi

Learn about the Arribada Initiative where Raspberry Pi Zeros are being used to follow Green Sea Turtles on their underwater adventures!

Tweeting electric eels

Meet Miguel, an electric eel who uses his electricity to tweet from Tennessee!

Duha’s Earth Day project for Digital Making at Home

In Iraq, a young digital maker just like you created a fun game where you lead a parrot through an obstacle!

Ecology, maths, and digital making

In issue #11 of our Hello World magazine, you can discover how you can get closer to the natural world AND take your coding and math skills to the next level!

See, digital makers: anything is possible with code, so keep on coding and watch how the world around you changes!

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